We are launching our blog with a mini introduction to our shop and the ladies behind the scenes! We’ve passionately dreamed about this place for the past 2 years and it’s still surreal to see it thriving, live in color. We are approaching our first birthday and this year has been everything and more than we could’ve hoped for!

First, I’d like you to get to know us! Who are we:

Lauren Snyder- Owner, Manager, Creative Director, Lead Stylist, plus happily wearing many, many other hats!

My fascination with weddings began 4 years ago with the on-set of the Pinterest world.  I began to look through hundreds and hundreds of fabulous pins, creating boards that wouldn’t come to fruition for years (if ever!).  But who cares, right?  Even though Pinterest is somewhat of a false-world and false hope that my life/wedding/style can be so perfect, it still inspires me.  A girl can dream!

While pinning like a madwoman, I began researching, admiring, and peering into the world of weddings.  When it came time to tie the knot to my love, I was really inspired by my dress shopping experience.  First of all, my dress was the biggest dream come true for me.  I’m a very petite lady, (no curves whatsoever) and felt a little discouraged when dresses weren’t fitting my child-like frame. Most of the dresses needed a little somethin’ somethin’ to fill out and none made me feel like a woman.  So, to find the one felt amazing! The one being  ‘Willow’ by Jenny Packham. This dress instantly made me feel womanly and beautiful! I’m typically a pretty frugal shopper, but this was the one garment I was willing to splurge on.  And I’m so glad I did.

That dress was one of the biggest reasons why I started Velvet Bride.  I wanted brides to feel that feeling, and find a dress they may have never expected that completely takes their breath away.  Every dress I hand-pick for our racks is one I believe will make brides fall in love.  Because there is no better feeling in the world to be marrying the love of your life, in the best. dress. ever.

Katie Corwin- Stylist, Retail Queen, Uber-chic Fashionista, and General Fun-Bringer

We scooped this little lady up from LA and can’t wait to get her going! We actually went to high school together and had many mutual friends and have always gotten along swimmingly! We were recently both in our best friend’s wedding together (our real Velvet bride, Anamarie!) and got to know eachother much better while involved in the wedding happenings.  She is always making us laugh, and is insanely keen on fashion, fitness, and beauty.

Her most recent endeavors include managing the Madewell store in LA and kicking butt as a trainer for Poise South Bay.  She made the move back to her hometown, Missoula and we are lucky to have her in the shop working as a bridal stylist! She is amazing with every customer and is the easiest person to talk to.  So happy to have her in our shop!

Ashley Liberko- Summer Stylist, Fill-in Extraordinaire, Sister to Lauren

I love this lady. She helped me gain confidence by simply ‘being there’ for my first few appointments.  She also consistently helped fill-in when I needed extra help. For that, I can’t thank her enough!

She single-handedly planned the most beautiful New Years Eve wedding last year.  And all on a serious budget. We’ll do another blog post soon with her tips on how to make a $10,000 wedding feel like $50,000.  She is seriously amazing and has an impeccable eye for fashion.

She helps Velvet Bride in the warmer months, when school is out for summer!  Being a kindergarten teacher during the school year, and a stylist at Velvet Bride by summer makes her such a fun addition to our shop.  She brings a well-rounded, down-to-earth, kind, soft demeanor to our bridal appointments and anyone would be lucky to work with her on finding a dress.

We’re all looking forward to meeting you!
Velvet Bride